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Mattress Mack’s Big Derby Betting – VSiN Exclusive News – News

Forget about the Bob Baffert Factor for at least a week. How about Mattress Mack and Kenny McPeek? They were the creators of the Kentucky Derby Futures market.

Mattress Mack, aka Jim McIngvale, did it like the whale he was so often in Las Vegas, where he made and lost millions of dollars in sports betting. This time he brought his betting talent to Louisville, where his sister-in-law poured $ 13,000 into the Mutuel pool of the Kentucky Derby Future Wager in Churchill Downs on his behalf.

By printing a couple of $ 500 tickets at a time, McIngvale bet $ 10,000 and drove Smile H -py from 15-1 to 8-1 closing odds to win the 148th Kentucky Derby on May 7th. With another $ 3,000 he got his award-winning stallion Runh -py, the sire of Smile H -py, from 17-1 to 7-1 in the Derby sire Future Wager.

McIngvale took the plunge on Sunday, the day after Smile H -py ran to a 3¼ triumph at Churchill Downs in the Kentucky Jockey Club Stakes, a points prep on the same route as the derby next spring. His bets went back a little over an hour before KDFW’s Pool 1 closed.

“I’m all about Smile H -py and Runh -py,” McIngvale said in an interview with Horse Racing Nation, which can be heard in full on the VSiN Racing Podcast on Friday. “I’m also interested in doing another promotion this year at the Kentucky Derby that says people who buy a $ 3,000 mattress will get it for free if the favorite wins.”

Therein lies the method to Mack’s madness. That $ 13,000 is pocket money for McIngvale’s Gallery Furniture empire in Texas. With its own prism, it is roughly equivalent to four mattresses. Even if he didn’t put a cent more on the derby, selling four mattresses with a promotional guarantee would offset the cost of those bets.

From deeper pockets, McIngvale has $ 2 million on the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl. If he doesn’t redeem those 23-1 tickets for $ 46 million, sales of more than 650 mattresses in a tandem promotion should cover him.

Last spring, McIngvale bet $ 2.4 million on Essential Quality to win the derby and lost. But he also had that promotion. If he sold 800 mattresses with this Essential Quality money-back guarantee, he was balanced.

Talk about multisport games. These mattresses are crammed with hedge money.

“Ideally, Smile H -py or (another run-h -py foal) would be a very good horse and close to being a favorite in the Kentucky Derby,” said McIngvale. “I would love to bet that much money ($ 2.4 million) on a runh -py horse.”

In all of this, McPeek is almost forgotten. The trainer, now 59, has three of the six best horses in the combined derby futures markets. It was credit, not steam, that drove Smile H -py from 50-1 to 20-1 in the Derby futures of Caesars Sportsbook in William Hill Nevada. Rattle N Roll, who won the Futurity Stakes of the Grade 1 Breeders, is 22-1 in Las Vegas and finished 21-1 in the KDFW. Tiz The Bomb, the turf specialist who was scr -ed out of the Kentucky Jockey Club at an inopportune time for a blister, finished 24-1 on the KDFW. It’s not listed in Nevada.

McPeek also has a first-time winner, Lucky Boss, who drifted to 250-1 in the futures at Caesars at William Hill.

When asked to compare this group of two-year-olds to a talented string he had 20 years ago with Repent, Harlan’s Holiday, and Sarava, McPeek said, “This is probably the best I’ve ever had” at this point in the year.

“I was busy selling couches and mattresses to pay for my racehorse habit,” McIngvale said not to see Smile H -py’s win at the Kentucky Jockey Club live. “I spoke to Kenny McPeek after the race and he was super excited and Kenny McPeek is one of the best riders I have ever met. If he’s excited, I’m excited. “

And if McIngvale is excited, his dollars won’t be far behind. Horseplayers should keep this in mind when looking for a great price. Where it may not be advisable to follow his example in Track Pari-Mutuels, there is always the desert. Mattress Mack’s money has come and gone here, but not from thoroughbreds.

“I don’t bet (horses) in Las Vegas,” he said. “I only bet in Kentucky where I can support the local tracks and local riders. I think that’s very important. “

At the risk of stereotypes colliding, Mattress Mack relies on his money where his horse’s mouth is. Runh -py, whose second year with the winner of the 2nd sport, saw these big red and blue advertisements for Mack’s 9 year old stallion.

“He is currently the number 10 leading sire for average profit per run for this entire year,” said McIngvale. “With his stud fee of $ 12,500, that’s a lot less than the others.”

After a meager first year, Runh -py’s name will certainly gain respect when it  -pears in the paternal line of past achievements. Is it rising to the level of producing champions? The coming months will tell.

In addition to this weekly report, Ron Flatter’s racing column is available every Friday on VSiN.com. The Ron Flatter Racing Pod is also available at VSiN.com/podcasts. On this week’s episode, Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale talks about his $ 13,000 bet on last weekend’s Kentucky Derby Future Wager. Anthony Stabile of the New York Racing Association previews this weekend’s Cigar Mile menu at the Aqueduct. Paul Zilm talks about Circa Sports’ inaugural derby futures and he hinders weekend races. The RFRP is available for a free subscription on iHeart,  -ple, Google, Spotify, and Stitcher. It is sponsored by 1 / ST BET.

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