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Maagh Advertising, the leading name in the industry, is going public on September 26th

Maagh Advertising’s IPO is something you just can’t miss. Read to learn the important dates
On the way to expansion, Maagh Advertising launches an IPO, be a part of their success journey

The advertising industry is an important part of the media and entertainment world and if we follow certain reports, this industry will grow by leaps and bounds in the next few years. Its rapid growth is attributed to the increase in advertising media with the advent of social media networks and the increasing use of online services by the Indian public.

Based in Mumbai, Maagh Advertising and Marketing Services Limited is one of the most recognizable names in advertising as over the years they have not only proven themselves to be one of the best in the business with their exemplary work, but also boast a well respected and renowned client list. The Company’s primary business is to provide creative and media services. It is an expert in creating and executing advertising campaigns across various media platforms that help its clients grow their business and establish themselves as a brand.

The greatest strength of Maagh Advertising and Marketing Services Limited is that it buys and utilizes the media channels as per the client’s requirements so that its client’s marketing objective is met and at affordable prices so that the client gets value for every cent for spent the campaign. The best thing about Maagh Advertising and Marketing Services Limited is that it creates campaigns according to its client’s target segment and uses the media channel that provides the best reach in the target segment.

The advertising agency is in expansion mode and for this purpose it is planning an initial public offering of 15,20,000 shares at a price of Rs. 60 per common share. The IPO will begin on September 26, 2022 and end on September 29, 2022; This is certainly a great investment opportunity for investors as Maagh Advertising and Marketing Services Limited is a leading name in the industry and is already growing.

The dynamics of the advertising industry have changed a lot in recent years as online advertising has become very popular with brands, but that doesn’t mean that outdoor/print or radio advertising has completely lost its luster. The advertising agency’s clients are very satisfied with their work and the results achieved, as the Maagh Advertising and Marketing Services Limited team has expertise in all media and knows how to make the best use of all the resources at their disposal.

Maagh Advertising and Marketing Services Limited also offers services such as creative web design, SEO services and campaigns which fall under social media advertising. It has grown in importance in recent years, as almost everyone with a smartphone is present on social media platforms, which in turn ensures a wide reach of advertising.

Maagh Advertising and Marketing Services Limited is also capable of running PR campaigns and product launch campaigns as it has run these for various renowned and valued clients.

A great investment opportunity awaits you, so don’t miss it and apply in time.

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