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Fertilizer prices continue record rise |

Minimize risks, maximize efficiency

The challenge for the manufacturers will be to minimize the risks associated with higher input costs and to maximize the price opportunities on the marketing side, said Welch.

Efficient fertilizer  -plication will be an important part of budgeting this season, he said. He recommends evaluating the available soil nutrients through rigorous testing and pinpointing fertilizer needs.

Growers should also consider shared  -plication and timing of fertilization to maximize harvest progress and avoid deterioration from environmental conditions, including rainy events, he said. Establishing nitrogen-fixing catch crops this winter can also be a good investment.

“This is a year where management decisions now could aid future budgeting and ultimately margins,” he said. “Whether crop rotations, catch crop cultivation, extensive soil examinations or the temporal and needs-based limitation of  -plications – producers want to use their resources as efficiently as possible.”

Plan for 2022 management, marketing now

On the plant management side, Welch said it might be a good idea to buy fertilizer for future needs – or, if possible, contact dealers to set prices and deliveries due to high prices and potential availability concerns.

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