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After the success of the Porsche share, VW is considering another IPO

Volkswagen (VW) is considering an IPO of its energy and charging division following the successful IPO of its Porsche brand.

Late last year, VW quickly learned how much capital could be raised by going public with one of its brands. Last year was the Porsche, which has quickly become one of the most valuable brands in Germany. The German automaker is now considering going public with its charging and energy-saving division, according to a Reuters interview with the division’s top manager.

VW’s aggressive move is being prompted by its CEO, Oliver Blume, who has directed its Charging and Energy division to work towards an IPO as a “training exercise”. This practice extends to other divisions, brands and even VW’s new battery company, PowerCo. According to Reuters, the results of this practice will be presented internally later this week to assess the feasibility of each public offering.

VW created the Charging and Energy division in a similar move to many other automakers as the line between electric vehicles and utilities becomes increasingly blurred. More and more electric vehicles have grid capabilities, for example serving as backup generators or working as part of a network of batteries that can help keep lights on in a community.

Volkswagen has yet to offer a vehicle with the capabilities currently found in the Ford F150 Lightning or products like the Tesla Powerwall. However, with his new division, there is no doubt that these abilities will be found in vehicles of all his brands in the near future.

Currently, many of VW’s brands are on the precipice of next-generation EV platforms, particularly as part of either Porsche/Audi’s PPE platform or Volkswagen’s MEB platform, and the introduction of new charging capabilities could very well be in one or both of these to be introduced . With countless products from numerous brands being able to significantly increase availability in the coming years, and considering the success of the energy products from Ford and Tesla, the VW group could position itself well.

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After the success of the Porsche share, VW is considering another IPO

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