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The Mayor of Lansing looks back on the city’s economy and seeks growth in the New Year

LANSING, Michigan (WLNS) – The economic recovery worried many city guides in 2021.
As we see another spike in COVID-19 cases, Lansing Mayor Andy Schor said more needs to be done to help companies survive the pandemic.

In early 2022, the mayor said the city needs to help businesses recover while looking for other ways to spark new developments.

One of its main focuses is to attract investment and government support to the city center.

“The puzzle of economic development always consists of many pieces, but now with COVID and the pandemic and more of our economic problems it is more complex,” said Mayor Andy Schor.

Mayor Schor is starting a new year yesterday after being sworn in.

As small businesses across the city have balanced out changing COVID-19 guidelines and case numbers over the course of the year, a focus of attention is on helping downtown businesses that have missed out on customers working in the state government, according to Schor their offices became virtual.

“We have made some scholarships, Ingham County has made some scholarships through their Sunrise program. DII has made some grants and we’re pushing lawmakers about $ 5 million in the next amendment to give more grants, ”said Schor.

He says the future of downtown development will be in converting empty office space into new living space.

But he said there were a lot more projects in the works.

“We’re doing similar work on the south side, you see a lot of work where we have a $ 600 million McLaren hospital and all the benefits that it will have on the south-east side. We have a corridor improvement agency that is doing a lot of work in the southwest, ”said Schor.

GM’s Lansing Delta Township plant hit the headlines last year.

For 11 weeks, a semiconductor shortage afflicting the auto industry forced the plant to cut production.

Months later, Lansing City Council voted to  -prove the first part of plans for GM’s new $ 2.5 billion battery plant.

Schor said the move will keep Lansing and Michigan competitive.

“We have to do everything we can to get this battery factory here. A. Because of the investment. B. Because this is the future. And you mustn’t forget that we have two plants with a product and if we get this battery plant here, then this product will be converted into a battery product and we know that the plants will remain open, ”said Schor.

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