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The growing “creator economy” of the gig workforce is 7.1 million, resulting in a broader workforce growth

November 22, 2021

A study by MBO Partners found that 7.1 million Americans made money in the “Creator Economy” last year. Another 3.2 million plan to become content creators over the next two years.

Overall, the number of independent employees grew by 34% to over 51 million in 2021. MBO Partners found that the growth of the creator economy reflects this trend.

“The creator economy confirms the trend for more workers to recognize the freedom and wellbeing that comes with taking care of career control,” said Miles Everson, CEO of MBO Partners.

“Smart organizations and politicians need to recognize that the workforce of the future will be driven by independent professional solo entrepreneurs who sh -e their careers on their own terms,” Everson continued. “Creators are just one example of how the American workforce is changing at a r -id pace.”

CB Insights defines the Creator Economy in part as a business “built by independent doers, from vloggers to influencers to writers, in order to monetize themselves, their skills or their creations”.

MBO Partners’ report also found that 7.1 million are generating revenue in the Creator Economy, but 4.4 million are part of the segment but have not yet made any income.

It also found that 75% of YouTubers identify as Gen Z or Millennials. Creators are also typically a bit more diverse, with 19% identifying as Black, compared to just 12% of the entire American population.

A majority of YouTubers also have traditional jobs. The report found that 46% of independent contractors also have full-time jobs and 13% part-time jobs. The majority (63%) say they work part-time as content creators, while 37% of high-income digital content creators do so full-time.

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