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Stock markets today: US debt talks, Fed rates, China’s economy, UBS-Credit Suisse

Good morning An agreement on the US debt ceiling negotiations is imminent, the next rate hike by the Fed and the deal between UBS and Credit Suisse are in jeopardy. Here’s what people are talking about.

Republican and White House negotiators are nearing an agreement to raise the debt limit and limit federal spending for two years, according to people familiar with the matter. According to the population, the two sides have eased their disagreements in the talks over the past few days, although the agreed details are preliminary and a final agreement has not yet been reached. Should an agreement be reached soon, Tuesday is emerging as a likely day for a vote in the House of Representatives. The Senate would then have to act quickly to send it to President Joe Biden’s desk before June 1, the date Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said her department could run out of money.

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