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Most Hispanic voters were frustrated with the economy in a new poll

Most Hispanic voters expressed frustration with the country’s economy and development in a new poll, although a minority of those respondents blamed President Biden.

The Noticias Univision poll found that 54 percent of Hispanics said rising prices and the cost of living were the country’s most important problems, an opinion most strongly held by Republicans but shared by a majority across party lines.

Just over half of respondents said the U.S. is “seriously off track,” while 26 percent said things are “going in the right direction.” That sentiment varied by party: 75 percent of Republicans thought the U.S. was “seriously off track,” compared with 39 percent of Democrats and 53 percent of independents.

About 64 percent of those who said the country was moving in the right direction gave President Biden credit, while 36 percent of those who had a negative view of the country’s direction said he should be held responsible.

The survey comes as the Biden administration announces its economic plan called “Bidenomics,” which aims to combat inflation, create jobs and keep the unemployment rate low.

However, stubborn inflation over the past two years and rising interest rates from the Federal Reserve have fueled criticism of Biden’s economic policies, with national polls showing voters at home still feel little economic relief.

Border security was also cited as a top concern for Hispanics: 20 percent said border security was one of the country’s most important issues. About 13 percent of Democrats shared this belief, compared to 16 percent of independents and 36 percent of Republicans.

When asked which party they trust more to address the issues of most concern, border security was the only issue where trust in Republicans, at 41 percent, was higher than trust in Democrats, at 40 percent.

Hispanics said they trust Democrats more to address the cost of living and rising prices (48 percent), compared to 32 percent who trust Republicans more.

About 33 percent of Hispanics said they do not believe Biden has a plan to address these issues, compared to 27 percent who said he has a plan to address these issues. About 30 percent said they had heard a little about Biden’s plan but were unsure, while 10 percent said they didn’t know enough to say.

Likewise, about 34 percent of Hispanics said they don’t believe Republicans in Congress have a plan for these issues, while 22 percent said they believe they do. About 27 percent said they weren’t sure of their plan, and 16 percent said they didn’t know enough to say.

On other specific immigration issues, nearly three-quarters, or 72 percent, said they support sending U.S. troops and asylum case workers to the U.S.-Mexico border to help process immigrants and asylum seekers.

A majority of Hispanics, 83 percent, said they also support passing a law giving DACA recipients permanent legal status and a path to citizenship, or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which protects eligible young adults, who were brought to the USA as children before deportation.

The survey results follow the White House’s recent change in immigration policy. Last week, the government issued work permits to over 400,000 Venezuelans while bolstering border guards with military aid.

Noticias Univision surveyed 1,401 registered Hispanic voters from September 11 to September 19, 2023. The error rate is 2.6 percent.

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