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LEGISLATIVE VOICE: Understand the economy | Community votes

Frank M. Ruff Jr.

President Biden either doesn’t understand or cares about the damage he’s done to the American economy.

Whenever he talks about economic issues, he makes us better understand how contactless he is. The biggest question I wonder about is this: are his actions caused by his lack of understanding of the economy, or is his “better rebuild” plan an attempt to destroy our current economy, turning those ashes into one controlled by the government Economy to raise more? like the Chinese economy. You decide! Look at these points.

When confronted by reporters about gasoline prices, he distracts the subject by saying that you should be glad you weren’t paying $ 5 like California. He ignores the underlying fact that fuel prices began to rise when he stopped the pipeline from Canada. Likewise, his implementing ordinance, which bans natural gas from government land. These two issues have been the basis for the decline in global fuel prices in recent years. When the Middle Eastern and Russian governments understood that the US would no longer control prices, they began to raise prices. Not only does this affect gasoline prices for you, it also affects diesel prices for truck drivers, which is a driving factor in inflating your overall consumption.

President Biden and his spokesmen have repeatedly told us that the current surge in inflation is temporary, which leads people to believe that prices will start falling in the next year. How and why? I think they mean the increase will slow down; but why should they? OPEC is now back in control of fuel prices. Higher wages will force any company that has not yet raised its prices to raise its prices. Inflation has already forced an increase in social security (but not enough to offset inflation). The same dynamic will lead to increases in any poverty program.

President Biden believes part of the inflation problem is caused by the inability to stock the store shelves. This is part of the problem; but why? The president believes it’s because the economy is so strong. The fact is, there are several problems at play. For many months, the federal government paid many dollars to the unemployed in addition to state unemployment benefits. As a result, two things h -pened. First, in some cases it meant that looking for work in the first place hurt the family’s income. Without workers, companies could not provide services or manufacture products. Second, it meant that households had money and could therefore buy the products available. Third, traders, knowing that replacement inventory would be more expensive when they arrived, began raising prices in anticipation of these new prices.

The President became aware of over 150 cargo ships just waiting to be unloaded off the coast of California. He therefore believed that the problem could be solved with an implementing regulation according to which the ports unload ships around the clock and not just one shift a day. The Longshoremen Union was not h -py. You reluctantly tried to level up, but encountered a few problems. You can pay overtime, but you cannot expect the same workers to work 24 hours a day. They too have to find and train the workers they need.

In addition, after a ship has been unloaded, the goods must be removed from the docks by truck. Think about what California did to increase that challenge. This is caused in part by a California law that requires all trucks to be 2011 or newer; and a law that effectively bans truck drivers with owners and operators. Both of these factors have reduced not only the number of trucks serving the ports, but also the willingness to come for the cargoes. Additionally, California trucking companies aren’t investing in new trucks because California has a law making all trucks that burn fuel illegal by 2035. With new tractor units costing up to a quarter of a million dollars, companies know they have done so to keep them going for many years.

The ports of Virginia end on a lighter note and unload ships without a long wait. The trucks are ready to go and we have many warehouses ready to receive products.

Ruff is a senator who represents parts of Halifax County. Contact him at [email protected], 434-374-5129, or PO Box 332, Clarksville, VA 239a27.

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