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Compare America's economy to Putin's Russia

The United States once set the example for the world and produced the world's most dynamic economy.

Now there are questions about our ideas and some suggest a different scheme. Putin's Russia is seen by some as a model of a resilient economy.

But while our economy grew 2% last year, Putin's economy shrank 2.1%, according to the U.S. Treasury Department. Our economy is ten times larger, more diverse and enjoys more freedom than Putin's.

Compare the two. The concepts that create our economy are open markets, personal freedom, electoral democracy, and rules-based contracts upheld by independent courts. The alternative: closed markets; limited access to labor, raw materials and information; bad infrastructure; and authoritarian and capricious rules in which partisan courts restrict personal freedom and restrict the free flow of people, ideas, and goods.

Who wants to replace the greatest model in history, where people literally line up to get in, with an economy that people are fleeing?

Phil Beasley, plantation

The last straw was October 7th

Hamas must be eradicated from Gaza. The klepto-terrorists have ruined the lives of the people under their care.

In 2005, Israel expelled Jews from Gaza in a false show of generosity. It was called retreat. The plan was to give the Arabs the opportunity to build a unique society without any interference or excuses.

They were given greenhouses to start businesses. Large buildings remained intact. Donors were willing to finance Gaza's development.

The people of Gaza screwed up. They destroyed everything the Jews had left them. Then there were clashes between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, and in 2007 PA loyalists and Bedouin families were expelled.

Hamas terrorists, in some cases supported by UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Relief), relentlessly cracked down on the people and blamed Israel for their plight. The billions of dollars donated to their livelihoods were used for war materials and tunnels and not invested in homes, schools and hospitals.

Despite Egypt and Israel's arms embargo, Hamas managed to fire thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians, a war crime, while hiding behind Palestinian civilians, another war crime. Hamas regularly attacked Israel. How long could Israel allow this?

October 7, 2023 was the final straw that broke the camel's back.

Hamas must be destroyed. Islamic terrorism, whether Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda or ISIS, will not disappear, nor will Nazism, but it must be rendered ineffective so that the West can survive.

Len Bennett, Deerfield Beach

Facts, not slogans

One of the discrepancies between Donald Trump's supporters and the Never-Trumpers is based on facts.

In letters to the editor, some repeat Trump's vows of revenge if he is re-elected in November. They are excited at the thought that Trump might take revenge on those who are investigating him. But the last time Trump galvanized his MAGA base like this, it didn't end well (after January 6, 2021).

Trump claims he has been indicted more times than Al Capone (this is not true; the facts have been checked by CNN and others).

Trump spent four years investigating his political enemies. After two extensive IRS audits of former FBI leadership and years of investigation by investigators, no one went to prison.

It's easy to make accusations during political campaigns. But courts demand facts, not slogans.

Don Whisman, Stuart

A story of two letters

Two letters to the editor published in the Sun Sentinel on March 29, written by Edward Ross and Scot McCluskey, stand in perfect juxtaposition.

These two letters illustrate the differences between Democrats and Republicans, particularly of the MAGA variety. Mr. Ross's letter complains but offers no real solutions or details, as the Republican Party broadly does. It is a political party of feelings that tries to stir up emotions.

In true Democratic tradition, Mr. McCluskey's letter was packed with facts. My compliments for placing these two letters on the opinion page.

Bob Chaban, Boynton Beach

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