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Brown’s Game Change is affecting the downtown economy

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – The Browns’ postponed game is affecting businesses in downtown Cleveland whose livelihoods are focused on making money on game day.

John Stiles, the general manager of the Winking Lizard Galleria site, has never had an NFL game change impact his restaurant until this weekend.

“That is unprecedented. My gut instincts tell me we will probably do two-thirds of the business that we normally do. I kept busy with a skeleton crew as much as possible. I had to bring people with me, but on Monday it will definitely be a challenge, ”said Stiles.

Despite the deals he may lose, Stiles is making the most of this fiasco by making sure that he and his crew are there to give them a place and one every time NFL fans go to his restaurant this weekend get cold beer.

“Be honest, there are Vegas fans all over the country. You’re not actually in Vegas. We had a couple of people here last night who were in from Pittsburgh, they will be back by Monday. We had some people flying in from Texas who have to leave tomorrow, ”said Stiles.

For now, these companies can only keep their doors open on Monday night and hope the fans flock.

“The majority of companies agree that they don’t have to rely on Brown’s game days in the middle of winter. We depend on that at this time of the year, ”said Stiles.

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