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Biden’s energy plan is bad for the economy, national security and the climate

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WASHINGTON – US Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND), a Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works (EPW), made remarks on the Biden administration’s policy of skyrocketing energy costs at a Senate Republican press conference today. Excerpts and a link to the full interview can be found below.

To the energy plan of the Biden administration:

“The Biden administration has an energy policy that is bad for American jobs, bad for the American economy, bad for national security, as it makes us more dependent on foreign energy sources and our allies more dependent on foreign energy sources.”, And bad for the environment and the climate, because these foreign energy sources are not as clean as ours … Otherwise it’s a damn good idea. “

“Someone was nice, I think it was [Senator] and [Sullivan]when he said the Biden administration has a lot of bright people. I’m not sure. I would prefer them to be ignorant than to be evil. But they have to be accountable for what h -pens. ”

On the effects of inflation:

“A few weeks ago, the energy minister said, ‘Presidents don’t set gas prices. Markets do. ‘ But politics determines the market reaction. Every bad policy has a negative reaction in the market. The shrinking supply with a simultaneous increase in demand due to the inflow of a lot of free money leads to inflation. “

“Energy inflation increases the price of everything. Everything we grow, everything we produce, everything we manufacture, everything we send, regardless of whether we deliver it in or out. “

About the Republican Energy Plan:

“We have a better plan. Senator Sullivan mentioned that we are going to outline some things for the future. I think it is important to have solutions to the problems. “

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