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The Huge Celebrities Left Out Of The Oscar In Memoriam Have Fans Furious

When legendary actor and comedian Bob Saget tragically passed away, fans were devastated (via Entertainment Weekly). “Bob died after a fall and hit his head in his hotel room,” Saget’s family attorney, Brian H. Bieber, said in a statement after much speculation as to his cause of death.

When it came time for the 2022 Oscars In Memoriam segment, fans were confident Saget would be remembered. However, he was absent from the tribute (via the New York Post). After winning an Oscar for his work on the documentary Through Adam’s Eyes in the ’70s, Twitter had a lot to say when the awards show left him out.

“Uproar because Bob Saget wasn’t in the in memoriam part of the #Oscars,” one fan tweeted. Another fan wrote, “Cancel the #Oscars because you didn’t mention Bob Saget in the memoriam.” It’s unclear if the snub to Saget was intentional or not. The actor passed away in January, so there’s a chance he’ll be included in next year’s ceremony.

Still, Saget was not alone. As noted by Matt & Jess, Norm Macdonald, who died in September 2021, was also not mentioned in the segment. We can only hope the masses remember her, as the Oscars didn’t.

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