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Sharon Tate’s Premonition of Death and 4 Other Scary Stories Starring Celebrities

The ghosts of some stars are so much larger than life, they persist even after their lives. Sometimes that can mean moving on through their family or art. And sometimes it could mean literally living on as a ghost.

According to some witnesses – and even paranormal researchers – some icons are still visiting their old favorite spots. For example, people claim to see Sharon Tate’s ghost in the house where she was murdered. But she also reportedly saw a ghost herself and had a violent death vision a year before her death.

Read on for Tate’s terrifyingly tragic story and the stories of four other deceased celebrities who  -pear to be stuck in mortal routines.

Sharon Tate | Michael Ochs Archive / Getty Images

Sharon Tate thought she had seen a ghost and had a premonition of death

One of the more terrifying stories about a celebrity haunted house is that of the ghost of Sharon Tate. Best known for her role in Valley of the Dolls, she was tragically murdered by worshipers of Charles Manson in 1969. Tate was 26 and eight months pregnant, and three other people were tortured and killed along with her and her unborn child.

So some paranormal experts argue that it is not surprising that their spirits have stayed in this house of secrets. Residents have reported everyday paranormal activities such as moving objects and the like.

But what makes this story even more frightening is the fact that Tate may have had a premonition of her own death. As reported in Marie Claire, she described the dream – or what she thought was a dream – in an interview a year before her death.

She said she woke up and there was a ghost in the room so she ran – but what she saw next seemed to have traumatized her. “I saw someone or something tied to the stairs,” she said. “Whoever it was – and I couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman, but somehow knew it was either Jay Sebring or me – he or she was cut open in the neck.”

It is noteworthy that Sebring was one of the people who died along with Tate in the particularly gruesome massacre.

Elvis Presley is chasing the Westgate Hotel

Elvis Presley, also known as the King of Rock and Roll, died of an acute heart event at the age of 42. But many people have reported that the king was hanging around his old places long after his death in 1977.

Like Ball, Presley’s ghost allegedly haunts his workplace – the RCA recording studio – as well as his home. Some paranormal witnesses even claimed to see his ghost drive around in his beloved red Cadillac.

Las Vegas actor Wayne Newton claimed he saw Presley’s ghost on an enclosed balcony while performing. According to 13 Action News in Vegas, Newton described the ghost  -pearing to him while performing an Elvis medley at the Westgate Hotel.

Of course, witnesses often report seeing Presley at his Memphis home – Graceland. While some describe getting a sense of heaviness at home, others have said they actually saw Presley’s reflection in the glass around the house.

The song ‘I Love Lucy’ is set in the attic of Lucille Ball’s old house

Lucille Ball wears a white lace wedding dress, around 1955.Lucille Ball | Silver Screen Collection / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

I Love Lucy star Lucille Ball died in 1989 after emergency surgery. But according to some witnesses, Ball’s ghost is still haunted on the Paramount Studios property where Desilu Studios stood. Numerous employees claim to see their spirits wandering the building, with several noticing the strong scent of their favorite perfume – Florida Water.

But that’s not the only place Ball is said to be haunted. According to ghost stories, she lives in her house in Beverly Hills – or the house that is now where it used to be. Residents have complained about moved furniture and inexplicable noises, including the theme song I Love Lucy being played softly in the attic.

Of course, Ball’s presence is supposedly playful and hardly intrusive. While she could move things, owners have reported that she mostly stays to herself.

Marilyn Monroe is still checking herself out

Some ghost hunters say that Marilyn Monroe’s ghost can be seen in Hollywood, particularly the Roosevelt Hotel. She visited the place before she died in 1962.

Some believe she loved the hotel so much that after her death she stayed – specially attached to a mirror that was in her favorite room. Legend has it that Monroe’s image occasionally  -pears in this mirror, which is so famous it was brought to the hotel lobby.

Anna Nicole Smith cannot find her hotel room

Anna Nicole Smith smiles with red lipstickAnna Nicole Smith | Carlo Allegri / Getty Images

Playboy playmate Anna Nicole Smith died aged 39 after coll -sing at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. The star’s life took a tragic turn just months earlier when her 20-year-old son Daniel died of an accidental overdose.

Since her death, hotel guests have reported seeing Smith’s ghost in the lobby and other parts of the resort. Believing a hotel renovation after her death, some believe her mind boggled, she wanders restlessly down the hallways, desperately looking for her newly numbered room.

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