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Politicians should not be treated like celebrities

There are some politicians who are known not because they serve in your area but because of their celebrity status. While it is important to recognize politicians for what they have done in the running of the country, I think it is detrimental to both citizens and politicians to put politicians on such a high personal pedestal.

Politicians are meant to be people who have been chosen to represent and work for the community in which they live. This  -plies to all local, state and federal politicians. They should work to achieve the goals of the people who voted for them and who represent them.

However, I have noticed that several politicians who claim to be for the people are becoming disconnected from the community they are supposed to serve. All of a sudden, they’re too busy to work on outreach outside of election season, or they’re doing votes that follow their own agenda rather than their community. People who treat politicians like celebrities make these politicians feel like they are entitled to special treatment, as if they have more power than the people they serve.

To me this doesn’t seem right. Politicians should treat their constituents equally, or at least value their honest contribution and be open to listening to them rather than ignoring their wishes and concerns. In my opinion, a good politician should be for the people he represents, and to do that, they need to be actively involved in the community instead of hiding in their multi-million dollar home.

Not only is it unfair to the electorate for politicians to be promoted to a higher pedestal, but it’s strange that people get so obsessed with them. While political articles aren’t always weird and can be a great way to show support, it’s just weird that people decorate their homes, cars, and closets with political articles.

For example, around the 2020 election, people opened entire Donald Trump-themed stores to sell homemade Donald Trump goods. People made supporting Trump or Joe Biden their whole personality for a few months; I even knew a girl on campus who was walking around with a Trump flag that was worn on her back like a cloak.

I find it insane that politicians have become such a source of public entertainment instead of serving their communities and working towards a better future. I think people are focusing on the wrong parts of the government. Any sneaky comment, argument, or fashion decision wins more publicity than the way a politician voted on important issues.

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