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Kim Kardashian is teased by fans over fearless dive as she flaunts a sultry bikini

Kim Kardashian continues to promote her bikini line and is ready to heat up the summer with her hot photos showing off her body, but one thing has caused quite a stir among her appreciative fans.

The Reality TV star posted a series of snaps from her recent vacation to the Turks and Caicos Islands. In all of them she looks spectacular, with a stunning landscape in the background as she models a bikini from her latest swimsuit collection.

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But in one of them she looks like she's about to jump into the seemingly shallow water, which immediately drew ridicule from her followers who were “worried” about her health whether everything was okay with her after the fearless attempt.

“Did you hit your head when you jumped in?” one of her fans asked, while another asked in disbelief: “Why is she diving up to her knees in the water?”

The teasing sparked a reminiscence on social media, which took the opportunity to recall a mishap Kim had in 2011 when she was on vacation in Bora Bora She lost a $75,000 earring. which she later revealed was found by her sister Kylie Jenner.

Kim Kardashian and the hot photo shoot for the new Skims collection

Kim Kardashian Promoted her latest swimwear collection on Instagram with a series of eye-catching photos taken by a renowned British photographer Nick Knight, while Carine Roitfeld took care of styling tasks. In the campaign, Kim showcased bold black and red pieces, including new snake print designs from SKIMS.

The collaboration with Nick Knight was a conscious decision to evoke the style of his iconic fashion campaigns from the 2000s. This allusion to the past serves as a homage to Kim's own fashion development and a tribute to her journey from Hollywood celebrity to influential entrepreneur.

The campaign channels the essence of Kim's early years alongside Paris Hilton, It shows her development into an independent style icon.

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