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Doja Cat and More Celebrities Who Have Shaved Their Eyebrows Off

doja cat

doja cat
Doja Cat/Instagram

A hairless one [Doja] Cat! The “Woman” singer, known for her unique style, opened up about her decision to not just shave her eyebrows, but shave her entire head in August 2022.

After years of struggling with her natural hair, describing it as a “fucking nightmare,” Doja shared that she saw “no point” in having hair.

“What’s the use of having hair if you don’t want to fucking wear it?” I don’t even wear them, so I shave them off. It makes no sense. I’ve never felt so freaking happy like… it’s very funny how much the effect of getting my hair off my head has affected me in a positive way,” she continued.


Sunday service

Obviously, the rapper is no stranger to the razor! When Kanye West debuted his absent bows in November 2021, the shocking shave came as no surprise as it was a follow-up to his bizarre balding buzzcut the month before.

Jared Leto

There is very little Jared Leto wouldn’t do for a role! While the actor has become synonymous with his extreme method acting, he also goes all out when it comes to his physical appearance.

Leto has portrayed various eyebrowless, lipstick-wearing characters in back-to-back films, including starring in 2013’s Dallas Buyers Club and 2016’s Suicide Squad.

“They started to grow back slower and slower, so I got a little scared. But they came back,” he told Ellen DeGeneres of the regrowth process. “It’s going to be weird doing a film with eyebrows and no lipstick. I’ll feel kind of naked.”

Power Stenberg

Amy Sussman/Getty

Amandla Stenberg became the fashion victim of a viral TikTok trend that influenced her hair removal decision. The star showed off her shaved but perfectly shaped brows during a Getting Ready guide with Vogue.

“I just did what everyone is doing now where I shaved off the end of my eyebrows for Godd–n TikTok so I have a different eyebrow shape than usual,” they explained while applying some tinted gel to their eyebrow hairs . “But honestly… I absolutely love it.”

Antonio Banderas

(Photo by Eduardo Parra/FilmMagic)

Antonio Banderas said “adios” to his brows in what turned out to be a makeover masterpiece! The Spanish actor-turned-painter Pablo Picasso fully embraced his role in National Geographic’s biographical series Genius in 2018.

Jodie Turner Smith

Jodie Turner-Smith/Instagram

Pluck, pluck, grow… not for Jodie Turner-Smith! The actress posted a video to her Instagram Story in March documenting her bold brow removal process.

The short clip showed Turner-Smith with a disposable razor on her head, clearing every last follicle from her face. The text overlay simply read “Bye bye Brows”.

Ethan Pick


Ethan Peck’s journey to pointy ears and shaved eyebrows as Spock in the Paramount+ series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds was a commitment, but time-saver to say the least!

Prosthodontics chief Chris Bridges told Variety that the decision to shave Peck’s brows cut the prosthodontic process from two hours to exactly 72 minutes.

“I remember sitting down with Ethan and saying, ‘Let me shave your brows. They will grow back. I promise,” Bridges recalled. “As long as they don’t grow them or damage the follicle, they will grow back.” So he said, ‘All right, let’s do it.'”

Albert Bache


If you had to describe the character of Albert Brooks in Drive 2011, a Tommy Bahama shirt paired with missing eyebrows would illustrate a picture perfect of mobster Bernie Rose.

“I knew what I wanted the character to look like,” Brooks told Interview Magazine. “I emailed [my makeup artist] photos and I would wait with bated breath. He wrote back: ‘Great!’ ”


Sonja Moskowitz/Getty

Whether she’s wearing cone bras or controversial crosses, Madonna hasn’t been afraid to pair her limitless outfits with equally shocking beauty looks since she first took the stage in the 1980s.

And though she’s always flaunted and hugged her body hair — Harper’s Bazaar said, “I refused to shave, I had hairy armpits” — she did the exact opposite with her eyebrows in 1992.

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