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Celebrities Who Have Died in 2024

OJ Simpson, 76

OJ Simpson.

Lane Stewart/Getty

OJ Simpson had a life full of ups and downs.

He first rose to fame on the football field, developing into one of the best running backs to ever play in the NFL in the 1970s. He had an MVP season in 1973 in which he set a single-season rushing record, and was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame after his retirement in 1985.

He would spend the rest of his life as a hero, becoming even more famous thanks to endorsement deals, film roles, and television appearances.

But everything changed in June 1994, after his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman were found stabbed to death outside their apartment. Days later, Simpson, who was suspected of the murders, led Los Angeles police on a slow-speed chase in his Ford Bronco, eventually giving up when he returned home.

Simpson’s televised trial for the deaths of Nicole and Goldman a year later became one of the greatest spectacles in modern American history.

Simpson was acquitted of the murder charges and found guilty in a civil court in 1997.

The story of Simpson’s incredible rise and fall continues to fascinate people to this day. The 2016 ESPN docuseries “OJ: Made in America” ​​won an Oscar and an Emmy, and Ryan Murphy’s 2016 scripted series “The People vs. OJ: American Crime Story” won eight Emmy Awards and two Golden Globes.

Simpson died on April 10. He was diagnosed with cancer, his family said.

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