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Celebrities react to Mercy Johnson’s story of daughter’s ‘bully-teacher’ –

Since when has it been a crime to be Mercy Johnson-Okojie’s daughter?

That was the first line in Mercy Johnson-Okojie’s story of her daughter, Purity’s experience with a teacher who allegedly bullied her at school.

However, an Instagram account, @thenancychidera, gave another report on what h -pened.

In response, Mercy Johnson-Okojie went to school and made a video to clear people’s minds from what @thenancychider was saying.

The narrative started a chain reaction of events. Read the full content HERE.

Below are celebrity reactions to the saga:

Toyin Abraham: “Grace you forget to write the name of the school and the teacher.”

@justadetoun: “Grace, mercy, mercy. I will call you three times. Where the school should be, we end up there biko.

“The school that tried this with my son suffered. I’m still collecting my school fees from your hand, asking the Commissioner for Education and so on.

“The mental health of our children must always be protected.”

@realwarripikin: “What! That is totally unacceptable

“The teacher’s ear now assumes they are bringing milk (back to back sl -)

“Whenever my children are involved, I choose violence anytime, every day. “

Yvonne Jegede: “What purity are you talking about? The purity that always greets me with a big smile.

“The purity that I mentioned on my last visit, that it has grown so and  -pears with so much maturity, balance and charisma?

“The purity I said is well brought up? I do not like that. People are crazy oo. I can not believe that.

@toolzo: “Please, what is the address and the name of the teacher. Let me get my baseball bat and we can roll. “

@ babarex0: “Don’t let anyone try to dispose of the rubbish with my children o. E no go funny .. e no go even come online yourself. Rubbish.”

Toni tones: “Grace, you don’t have to say too much. Where and when do we fight them? Because I don’t like nonsense. * starts to take off the earrings *.

@etinosaofficial: “Mom, I  -preciate your rest. Please let us know the name of the teacher and the exact school branch where we can find her.

“I, I don’t get home training.”

@toolzo: “Please, what is the address and the name of the teacher. Let me get my baseball bat and we can roll. “

@zicsaloma: “Why should such a teacher in a school be of such a standard. SHE has to be released in any case, period! “

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