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Celebrities Over 60 Share Beauty Secrets, Skincare Routines

Hollywood is full of iconic stars, fashionistas and timeless beauties! Jamie Lee Curtis, Jane Seymour and more and more celebrities over 60 often share some of their best beauty tips and tricks to achieve their stunning looks. Her makeup and skincare routines will definitely inspire you.

Jamie began her career in the late ’70s and became a horror film icon after starring in the lead role Halloween Franchise. Her talent has transcended several different film genres, leading her to scoop two Golden Globe Awards and turning heads with a series of unforgettable looks on the red carpet. When it comes to rocking her signature, simple makeup look and gray locks, the new girl Alum has just stayed honest about her looks.

“I’ve long been a natural beauty advocate, mostly because I’ve had the trial and error of the other part,” she said during an October 2021 interview with Lorraine Keane. “I had plastic surgery – it didn’t work. i hated it It made me feel worse.”

The California native also reflected on the reason she chose to keep her hair gray and her true thoughts on aging in Hollywood.

“I’ve tried to do everything you can do with your hair,” she continued. “Personally, it felt humbling. I went to the nail salon, the smell of the chemicals, the feel of that color on my hair, wearing that thing, sitting under the hair dryer. I was like, for what?

Andie MacDowell has also been very open about how much her beauty routine has changed over the years.

“During COVID my hair started turning silver and my daughters lived next door to me… so they kept looking at me and they said to me, ‘You look bad and you have to keep this,'” he said maid said star during an interview with NPR in November 2021.

Famous for her curly mane, the mother-of-three loves to embrace her natural beauty.

“I have to say I’ve never felt more beautiful. I’m not saying everyone has to do this…but it suits me,” she shared.

Jane shares the same feeling. That live and Let Die The actress loves to share beautiful bikini photos and glamorous looks on social media. The jewelry designer is all about embracing your inner beauty.

“For me, beauty comes from within. And it’s about positivity,” she said The Zoe Report in March 2022. “I see beauty in all sorts of people around the world where they just exude the feeling of really being comfortable in their own skin. To me, beauty isn’t about whether your cheekbones are high or your lips are plump; it’s about what comes from within.”

Keep scrolling to see the best beauty secrets and skincare routines from celebrities over 60.

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