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As pandemic eases, celebrities buy multi-crore apartments in Mumbai

Several Indian celebrities have bought multi-million dollar properties in various parts of Mumbai in recent months. The latest addition to the list, which includes the likes of Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, is Madhuri Dixit-Nene and Bollywood director Vivek Agnihotri.

Dixit-Nene has bought a Rs 48 crore house at Indiabulls Blu in Worli. Agnihotri has bought an apartment worth Rs 17.9 crore in Versova.

Dixit-Nene’s home spans 5,384 square feet and overlooks the Arabian Sea and the Mahalaxmi racetrack, according to an Economic Times (ET) report. The deal is among the largest residential apartment deals in 2022 at Rs 90,000 per square foot.

Dixit-Nene reportedly paid Rs 2.4 million in stamp duty for registration. Women will receive a 1 percent reduction in stamp duty under the new rules announced by the Maharashtra government. You get access to 7 parking spaces.

Agnihotri bought the house with his wife, actress Pallavi Joshi. It extends over 3,258 square meters. The value per square meter is over 55,000 rupees.

The culprit reportedly paid Rs 1.07 crore as stamp duty on the apartment. You will have access to three parking spaces.

In September, Amit Bakshi, Chairman and MD of pharmaceutical company Eris Lifesciences, also bought a super luxury apartment in Worli for Rs 61 crore. Its value per square foot was around 94,500 rupees.

A previous Economic Times (ET) report said that demand for luxury real estate fell during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. However, after lockdown restrictions were lifted, luxury home rents have risen by nearly 60 per cent in some areas of India.

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