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10 Celebrities Everyone Forgets Guest Starred On CSI

Starting with CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in 2000, the CSI franchise has grown over the years and expanded to include CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, CSI: Cyber, and CSI: Vegas, the latter only recently joining the series has been recorded.

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Since the CSI shows have been around for so long and have been around for so long, it’s only natural that the CSI shows have received a lot of attention from aspiring actors over the years, and that goes for celebrities as well, whether they are famous musicians , TV personalities or just famous actors were relatively unknown at the time.

10 Taylor Swift played murder victim Haley Jones

CSI Taylor Swift as Haley Jones

The esteemed singer and songwriter Taylor Swift played her first acting role in 2009 when she played murder victim Haley Jones in Turn, Turn, Turn, the 16th episode of season 9 of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Although mostly featured in a number of flashbacks, she has since admitted that it was always a dream of hers to  -pear on CSI and die, and she could do a lot more than just lay there as a corpse with her debut was widely praised.

9 P Diddy played an ambitious lawyer in two episodes of CSI: Miami

P Diddy CSI

Sean Combs, also known as the r -per P Diddy, has  -peared in movies and television shows outside of his music career, including Hawaii Five-0 and Black-ish, but one role that is often forgotten is his two-episode as Derek Powell’s criminal defense attorney in “Presumed Guilty” and “Sink or Swim” from CSI: Miami.

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Derek has been portrayed as a successful lawyer who always followed the line of being a good guy and a bad guy, with P Diddy enjoying the role and the opportunity.

8th Sharon Osbourne guest as Pool Hall Manager

Sharon Osbourne CSI

Sharon Osbourne is known not only for being the wife of heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne, but also for visiting television screens everywhere, be it talent shows like America’s Got Talent and X-Factor or Supergirl and Will & Grace.

Sharon  -peared on the fifteenth season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in the episode “Dead Rails” as the pool hall manager named Elise Massey. When billiards players drop dead, Massey becomes a suspect, but it later emerges that she was not responsible for the deaths after all, but the manager of a rival club.

7th Amanda Seyfried played Lacey Finn in a 2006 episode

Amanda Seyfried is an established and well-known actress who has  -peared in the musical films Les Misérables and Mamma Mia over the years, as well as a host of other roles including Mean Girls and Jennifer’s Body.

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In 2006 she  -peared on an episode of CSI titled “Rashomamma” and played a young woman named Lacey Finn. The episode uses flashbacks from multiple characters to piece the story together, with the title being inspired by Rashomon, a film by J -anese director Akira Kurosawa that shared the same premise.

6th Michael B. Jordan was one of many cameos in Popping Tags, including Travis Barker

Michael B. Jordan CSI

Michael B. Jordan  -peared in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation long before his career really took off into the stratosphere with the likes of Erik Killmonger in Black Panther and the MCU and Adonis Johnson in Creed.

His only CSI  -pearance was in 2006 with the sixth season of the show in episode 20 “Poppin ‘Tags”, where he played Morris Calvin, a member of a r – crew. This episode featured Jordan, the likes of Akon, Obie Trice, Method Man and Blink 182’s Travis Barker, making for an episode full of cameos.

5 John Krasinski played the unsavory character Lyle

John Krasinski in a quiet place

John Krasinski made his way into people’s hearts with his role as Jim Halpert in The Office and has since excelled in Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan and A Quiet Place. However, even before The Office, Krasinski played a very different kind of character than the despicable Lyle Davis in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

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Lyle was questioned as a suspect of a murder he did not commit, despite being guilty of theft. The character wasn’t even half as personable as all future roles of John Krasinski would turn out to be.

4th Channing Tatum  -pears on CSI: Miami

Channing Tatum CSI

Two years before his defining role in the Step Up franchise, Channing Tatum  -peared in CSI: Miami as Bob Davenport. Bob was an aspiring would-be r -per who allegedly stumbled upon a crime scene and was subsequently the prime suspect in Miami’s third season episode, Pro Per.

At that time, Tatum was still starting out as an actor, still doing more of dancing at the time, but like many other now famous actors and celebrities, his CSI  -pearance helped get his name out there.

3 Kim Kardashian  -peared on CSI: NY as a devious criminal

Kim Kardashian CSI Debbie Fallon

Kim Kardashian is best known for Keeping Up With The Kardashians and her marriage to r -per Kanye West, but in 2009 she  -peared on CSI: NY as the complex character in Debbie Fallon.

Debbie Fallon was a formidable murderer in the episode “Second Chances,” where she and a friend were responsible for a scam that took advantage of homeless addicts with life insurance and killed their victims after their policies expired. Both were subsequently arrested.

2 CSI: Miami’s Tommy Chandler was played by Chris Pine

Chris Pine Tommy Chandler CSI

Chris Pine, best known for his roles as Kirk in the Star Trek remakes and Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman,  -peared as Tommy Chandler in season 2 of CSI: Miami in 2003.

While it is easy to remember erotic suffocation going wrong, it is not always remembered that a young Chris Pine was involved in the tenth episode of season two, Extreme. Chris Pine has long since shaken the roles of long hair and lip piercing and is more likely to be remembered for other roles.

1 Justin Bieber was the unstable Jason McCann

Justin Bieber-CSI Jason McCann

Justin Bieber  -peared in two season 11 episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as Jason McCann, who killed several people, including a police officer’s funeral. Miles away from his success as a teenage crush and pop sensation at the time, Bieber’s  -pearance as McCann split opinions in both the CSI and Bieber fan base.

His  -pearances in “Shockwaves” and “Targets Of Obsession” let McCann act out a certain rampage that eventually ended in his own death. At that time the performances were discussed in detail, but are now a thing of the past.

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