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62 Mixed-Race Celebrities Who Have Actually Talked About Their Multiracial Identity

Barack Obama is of Luo, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, German and Swiss descent. In a 2016 interview with Ta-Nehisi Coates for the Atlantic, Obama said, “… from Kansas that I think the job assumption would be discrimination, the job assumption that white people would not treat me right or give me a chance or judge me on merit – that kind of work assumption is less anchored in my psyche than it is, shall we say, with Michelle. ”

He explained, “There is a bit of a biogr -hical element to it. I had seen at least a small cross-section of white people as a kid, but the people closest to me loved me more than anything. And so even as an adult, even at 40, 45, 50, those memories meant that when I walk into a room and it’s a bunch of white farmers, middle-aged unionists – I don’t run in my head, man, I have to show them that I’m normal. ”

“I think I’m going in there with a series of assumptions: These people look just like my grandparents,” Obama explained, “and I see the same jelly mold my grandmother served and they have the same thing, You know, little things on their mantels. So maybe I’ll disarm them by just assuming we’re fine. “

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