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USDCAD Prepped for Long Drive Higher

Following a monthly trend shift higher at the end of June, USDCAD looks to be in good shape to reverse the previous 1-3/4 bear market, after putting in a higher low this year in March on the yearly chart.  USDCAD Weekly chart pictured  Jay Norris is the author of  Mastering the Currency Market, McGraw-Hill, 2009 and a Trading Instructor at Trading-U.com. To [...]

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Leading Indicator Currencies Pointing Lower

Despite summer soda pop rallies in the more speculative Pound and Euro, the asset class market’s AUDUSD and AUDJPY, which hold a much greater interest from institutional investors and professional traders, because of their yield, ended the week lower. CADJPY, another cross with serious institutional interest posted an 8-month low settlement on Friday, and along with AUDJPY flashed a sell [...]

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Advantage: Fact Based Triggers

I was recently asked, “What sets apart a winning trading method from one that’s a waste of time and money?”  My answer was, “How much time do you have on your hands?” The first thing that comes to mind in qualifying a method is does it use fact based triggers?  Ask other educators if they use “fact based [...]

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Daily Forex Report 6/28/10

Daily Forex Report for 6/28/10  Click the link below to view Jay’s Daily Forex Report for 6/28 where he covers the major currencies and the U.S. stock market. http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid86410614001?bctid=104596578001 Teresa Bell www.trading-u.com DISCLAIMER: Forex (off-exchange foreign currency futures and options or FX) trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for every investor. Risks include the potential that [...]

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The Problem with Free Charts

I revisit my frustrations with free charts once a year or so. MetaTrader4 is a reliable and robust package, and in my humble opinion likely the second biggest contributor to clients losing money since forex brokers started allowing clients to fund their accounts with credit cards. The problem is the default MACD is all wrong, as are [...]

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Two Types of Losers

This article is a reprint from 10/1/08 There are a whole host of characters who regularly lose money in the market place, and most fall into two catogories: False Ego Traders & Nervous Traders The false ego mistakes come from a mixture of false pride and bravado and are the most dangerous mistakes to make. [...]

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